Chrisnatha Derosier

Meet Chrisnatha

She's funky, soft and just plain fabulous!

Chrisnatha Derosier, an author and public speaker, has been writing since a very early age. She has written articles for Worksite Magazine, NEWD Magazine and also gained writing experience at Sun-Sentinel. She has since written two books; Through the eyes of the KING and Make it Last Forever: how to build relationships that lasts a lifetime. She lives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, with her family.

As seen on Lee Pitts Live morning show, and also featured on online radio shows such as Naked Truth, Soul Topics and, Chrisnatha is truly a leader of her generation.

Chrisnatha is the chief executive operator of Young Leaders of Today LLC. She founded this organization in October 2007. Through this organization she inspires, encourages and uplifts youth through workshops, seminars, retreats and community service. She believes that youth must be equipped with tools to serve their communities and become leaders of this generation.

Chrisnatha has become an advocate for relationships.

"I encourage healthy and positive relationships. It starts with you. Once you can love and respect yourself, then you are able to extend this very same love and respect to someone else."

With both a female and a male perspective, her most recent project, Make it Last Forever: how to build relationships that lasts a lifetime sets the foundation for how to identify the issues that keep us from having healthy relationships and challenging us to work on them in order to be successful in love.

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